What Are You Doing to Build & Maintain Your Reputation?

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Andrew Moyer

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Reputation Partners

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Things covered in this podcast episode:

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Meet Andrew

Andrew is EVP and General Manager of Reputation Partner’s Chicago Office and serves as one of the firm’s top client counselors. 

Andrew works with clients on strategic communications, thought leadership and executive positioning, proactive and reactive crisis and issues preparedness and reputation management programs. 

Andrew joined Reputation Partners after five years at Edelman where he was Senior Vice President, Crisis & Risk Management and Public Affairs Lead for the Chicago office.

Prior to his time at Edelman, Andrew spent 14 years working in state and federal government, most recently serving almost four years as chief of staff for the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO), the lead state agency for economic development.

It’s all about your story. What is the reason & narrative why you exist. That story starts to build and develop your brand, and more importantly, your reputation. 

– Andrew Moyer

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