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FUND Conference is, at our core, an engine for relationship building, and that mission can take multiple forms in execution, especially at times when it’s impossible to gather people together.

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For a little help, here are the five FUND Conferences so choose the ones in the Email Hub that are relevant to you.

FUND xChange

FUND xChange is assembling the entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and experts, in the banking and finance industry to explore the innovations in value exchange. Meet the community improving how we bank, pay, and invest.


The evolution of SaaS offerings has completely altered how we tackle, well,  basically everything at work.

Meet the entrepreneurs and industry leaders who are improving how we communicate, sell, market, and everything else at work.

FUND Future Cities

FUND Future Cities is an event bringing together the entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, and industry leaders who are shaping the way our cities are being fueled, navigated, traveled, and built.

FUND 2050

The year is 2050 and we’ve successfully increased our food production output by 70% from 2020.

How did we get here? How did we produce more? How did we get more efficient?

FUND Health

The way we manage, pay, and experience our health and wellness and our families has shifted dramatically.

Join in on the discussion with the entrepreneurs and industry leaders who are maximizing how we experience our daily lives.

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