What participants say about their experience at fund conference

The inaugural FUND Conference in Austin did a fantastic job in pulling together some very strong players in the investment community for some very necessary discussions on this all-important topic. I am already excited to see how the event grows and evolves for spring 2019!

- Hugh Forrest | SXSW

Being a part of the inaugural Fund Conference in Austin I was extended the perfect opportunity for people to hear my message and with a new set of eyes, see the platform. This is a time to make connections, build relationships and establish fans of your company with the hopes of securing a better future for your business.

- Sherry “ShamRock” Leetham | Founder/CEO | FIT 2 CHEER

Participating in FUND’s Women Investing in Women event was an awesome opportunity for which I will always be grateful. Having the opportunity to meet and network with such a powerful and inspiring group of women founders is rare and I am sure the connections I made will only have a positive impact on my business.

- Florence Hardy, CEO, truCrowd Illinois

FUND in Austin is a great addition to the Texas startup ecosystem. There is nothing quite like founderati networking at scale. The staccato of very short pitches and sprawling startup expo are great formats. Hurry back soon.

- Bob Metcalfe, UTAustin Professor of Innovation

FUND Conference is the place to connect with startups and investors from around the country. It also provides exceptional learning opportunities that support high-growth entrepreneurship and innovation.

- Jennifer Trou | Senior Account Supervisor | Edelman

Shortly after attending the Fund conference and subsequent work with Venture Connects, we successfully secured a term sheet for our Series A round with an institutional investor that Terri introduced us to. We are now working to complete the purchase agreements for the investment, and now have the ability to plan for growth. I would highly recommend working with Terri and her team.

- Will Brown | CEO | Trovita Health Science

K9 Fit Club exhibited at the inaugural FUND Conference in 2015. We proudly accepted recognition as a Top10 company and gave our elevator pitch main stage that day. Just a few weeks later, we closed our seed round through an investor met at FUND. Our (female) Founder has been involved with this amazing event each year since. The network of people involved at FUND are simply phenomenal.

- K9 Fit Club

ParqEx exhibited at FUND Conference in October 2016. The connections made were invaluable to our company. We met with several seed investors and completed our full round of funding just a few weeks after the event. We value our relationship with FUND Conference not only because of the funding we secured through exhibiting, but also the fantastic network of people that attend.

- ParqEx

This past year was easily the best FUND Conference our team has attended. We take great pride in being able to grow along FUND recognizing it once began as a startup as well!

- Nuni Toaster

Connecting and networking with investors is hard - especially as a start-up! FUND was a great opportunity to connect with people where you normally wouldn't get the chance to. Anytime you bridge potential investors and start-ups in a room together, some amazing things can happen

- FanFood

FUND Conference was an excellent opportunity to get out there and show off Trusted Herd to Chicago and the Midwest. While it was great to connect with angels and some VCs, I equally, if not more, enjoyed connecting with 100+ fellow, exhibiting entrepreneurs; end of the day we're all on the same team!

- Trusted Herd

If you are a Startup in Chicago or any other city that there is a FUND Conference or a Venture Connects event being held, we encourage you to do yourself and your Startup a big favor and do what you can to attend, network with as many individuals as possible and then follow through. You just may find yourself FUNDED. Looplio did.

- Looplio

We were so incredibly happy when we got accepted to exhibit at FUND Conference, and we were absolutely blown away when the audience voted for Everykey as their favorite company! It was really great to see a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem right here in the midwest, and we were very lucky to meet quite a few investors relevant to Everykey at FUND Conference!

- Everykey

FUND Conference is a wonderful opportunity to compress months' worth of results into a couple days. Show up & get connected.

- Think Like a Mind Reader

I was asked to deliver a keynote speech at FUND Conference in 2017 and I was treated to a captive audience of founders and startup community leaders! It's oftentimes hard to pull entrepreneurs away from their companies for 2 days, but FUND's lineup of programming had them salivating at spending their time immersed in improving themselves and their businesses, making connections, and showcasing what makes them great. One of my favorite things to do when I speak at conferences is talk to the attendees after I've had my turn on stage. FUND offered plenty of time to network and rub elbows with attendees. I received great feedback on my presentation, garnered several leads, and left the 2-day event with a big smile on my face!


Being a participant in the Fund Conference would be one of my top highlights of 2017. It was undoubtedly a great platform to create conversations based around the rigors of entrepreneurship, the difficulty of capital acquisition, and the seldom discussed lack of diversity in both. It was fun sharing a glimpse of my experience and journey from a professional athlete to the dual role of investor and entrepreneur.

- Corey Mays

The FUND Conference plays a critical role merging the tech entrepreneurship and investment communities each year to celebrate and highlight the top innovators in the country. As an attendee and speaker in 2017, there’s no other place I’d rather be! FUND does more then help grow your business - they create lifelong friends!

- Licentiam

Fund Conference was a great opportunity to meet other great startups and really understand the great network of investors the MidWest has to offer.

- Oso Technologies

Clicktivated, was an exhibitor at the event and I was very pleased with the connections made and interest we received from some fantastic investors at FUND Conference.

- Clicktivated

Wheedle found the FUND Conference to be an exciting and informative experience that provided introductions and exposure to a fantastic community of start-ups, investors and those that support the entrepreneurial community. In addition to great memories, we walked away with a list of contacts to follow up with and several investor meetings.

- Wheedle

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