October 25th
FUND Conference Motivational Kickoff Day
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*Access to this Kickoff event is only offered to the Exhibiting Entrepreneurs and VIP ticketholders.*

Location Polsinelli Law Office - 150 N. Riverside Plaza, Chicago, IL 60606
12:30 PM Open Networking
1:00 PM Opening Keynote: Manuel Amezcua 
1:25 PM Panel: From Startup to Exit
An in-depth discussion on marketing your startup, finding customers, raising funding and developing strategic partnerships with large brands. Think outside your box with these tips & tricks.
Moderator: Jeff Rosset

Panelists: Jeremie Bacon, Crystal Pennington, Erik Nathan
2:00 PM Keynote: Rajiv Nathan
Make Your Pitch a Performance
2:30 PM Keynote: Jim Kales 
Partnering with Not-For-Profits
2:55 PM Break
3:05 PM Panel: Athletes Turned Angels 
Why are these professional athletes now involved in early-stage investing? What are they looking for in their portfolio companies? What makes a great entrepreneur? And how do these characteristics impact success. 
Moderator: Lisa Canning

Panelists: Corey Mays, Ryan Mundy
3:40 PM Panel:Scaling to Success 
Are you hustling every minute of the day or laser focused on the bottom of the 9th? Do you know when to be lean and when to take on outside investment? How to stay visionary and look towards the future   
Moderator: Tricia Meyer
Panelists: William Cordes, Mark Vargas, Tiffany Mikell, Joseph Knecht
4:15 PM Keynote: Desmond Clark
6 Principles of Winning 
5:00 PM Closing Remarks
5:15 PM FUND Official Pre-Party   *All Ticketholders Welcome*
The Godfrey Hotel: 127 W Huron St, Chicago, IL 60654
October 26th 
FUND Conference 2017
Location Venue SIX10 - 610 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60605
Main Stage 
(Feinberg Theater)
Entrepreneur Expo 
(9th & 10th Floors)
9:00 AM Opening Remarks Open
9:05 AM Keynote: Marianne HudsonOpen
9:40 AM Panel: Working the Midwest
Is it really us against the world? How VCs source, collaborate and compete across the region.
Moderator: Nick Spiller
Panelists: Gerri Kahnweiler, Matthew McCall, Bong Koh, Rumi Morales
10:30 AM Fireside Chat
Moderator: Terri Friel
Speakers: Kevin Willer, Raman Chadha
11:05 AM Panel: Please Not Another....
We all love a good ‘Uber for Whatever,’ but what trends are so truly overhyped that VCs never want to hear about them again … and what emerging trends ARE worth getting excited about?

Moderator: Ben Meyerson
Panelists: Derek Lindblom, Ryan Fischer, Lakshmi Shenoy
11:40 AM Keynote: Mike EvansOpen
12:00 PM Lunch - OffsiteOpen
12:35 PM Keynote: How to Make Your Deal Interesting to Investors
Presenter: John Richards

Entrepreneurs often misunderstand what venture investors are looking for. Entrepreneur, angel investor, and educator John Richards shares his timely insights form his 30+ years in venture.
1:00 PM Panel: MBA or Nah?
Should you get one? Should you hire someone who has one? How do the traditionally credentialed fit in to your startup? 

Moderator: Andrea Hanis
Panelists: Mohanbir Sawhney, Megan McCann, Amanda Lannert
1:35 PM Panel: How to Millennial
It affects every industry and brings some unique challenges to the entrepreneurial world: How do you bring out the best of millennials — whether you are one yourself or just work with them as associates, founders — and customers?
                                                                                                                                  Moderator: Michael Stark                                                                                                                   Panelists: Jason Will, Courtney White, Nick Brown, Shagun Agarwal
2:10 PM Fireside Chat                                                                                
Moderator: John Hoesley
Speaker: Adam Hughes
2:45 PM Panel: Autonomous Vehicles & Artificial Intelligence
AI is driving the future of autonomous cars. How are investors assessing opportunity in the autonomous vehicle space? Also hear from mobility focused companies pushing into this space from right here in Chicago.                                                                                                                                                 Moderator: Cayse Llorens                                                                                                             Panelists: Joe Renz, Cory Hohs, Krystian Gebis

3:20 PM Panel: FUNDed at FUND
Shared Success Stories.
Moderator: Jason Komosa

Panelists: Sterling Douglass, Vivek Mehra, Ben Hatala, Tricia Montgomery, Andrew Colom
3:55 PM Closing Keynote: Jeffrey HayzlettOpen
4:20 PMTop 10 at FUND 2017 Startup Pitch
4:35 PM Midwest Next Awards presented by  Ross Thomson of Signature BankOpen
4:50 PM Closing Remarks Close
6:00 PMFUND Official After-Party
Filini Bar: 221 N. Columbus Drive Chicago, IL 60601 

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