Iowa AgriTech Accelerator Partnership Announcement

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We are excited to announce that the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator will be a partner with FUND moving forward into the future. The Iowa AgriTech Accelerator is a mentor-led program that allows startups to collaborate with agriculture industry leaders and present their solutions to refine product-market fit, perform customer discovery within the industry, and build strategic partnerships.

About the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator…

Launched in 2016 by the Greater Des Moines Partnership and the Cultivation Corridor, the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator is designed to build upon one of the region’s key industries —agriculture— and Greater Des Moines’ success in advancing startups and technology through its many resources available to entrepreneurs. The program fosters innovation and helps Central Iowa continue to be one of the top regions in the nation for startup companies. We are part of the Global Accelerator Network, an ecosystem of accelerators whose mission is to work with startups towards scalable and sustainable growth. With these partnerships, along with the opportunity to collaborate with our mentors and investors, agtech companies will have the resources and support they need to hit the ground running.

Accelerator Details and Information

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to get involved with the folks at the Accelerator, take a look at the below benefits that their program offers.

  • $40,000 seed funding for a 6% equity position in the startup
  • Program runs from the beginning of June to the end of August
  • Access to over a hundred mentors
  • Tours of investor and mentor companies when not in the office for holistic education, outreach, networking, and presentation opportunities
  • Provided office space in the Historic East Village of Des Moines, Iowa
  • Subsidized housing provided at a nearby extended-stay facility
  • Graduation during the World Food Prize
  • Startup-friendly term sheet with common stock, no liquidation preferences, no board seat, and limited preemptive provisions

What are former cohort participants saying?

“The real value is being exposed to the mentors and the types of relationships, the wide-knowledge base. I would have never, for instance, thought that some of the best mentors for my company would be from the insurance industry.”

– Amos Peterson FarrPro

Current 2019 Cohort

The Iowa AgriTech Accelerator has selected four agtech startups for this year’s 2019 cohort, and a couple of them will be at FUND in Kansas City on October 9th & 10th presenting their businesses.

  • Otrafy (Vancouver, Canada) — Otrafy is building the data infrastructure that enables seamless transfer of goods between different parties and jurisdictions, thus becoming the gold standard for authenticity and transparency in the food industry.
  • droneSAR | Des Moines, Iowa) — droneSAR develops radar imaging technology for commercial drones and small aircrafts that can sense below the crop canopy.
  • Raks Agricultural Technology (São Leopoldo, Brazil) — Raks Agricultural Technology provides a system to improve irrigation control based on new TDR sensors to measure the soil moisture, presenting all information on a web platform or mobile app.
  • FarmatroniX (College Park, Maryland) — FarmatroniX aims to tackle the skilled labor shortage by providing growers an artificial intelligence system that can control the growing process without any human input.


The team is not currently accepting applications just yet for the 2020 Cohort, but if you’d like to stay in touch with them, Allison Sims is accomplishing great work as their Program Manager.

We are looking forward to accomplishing great work with the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator and I know they’re looking forward to hearing from the FUND Community.

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