Past FUND Speakers

Notable 2019 FUND Speakers

James Wilde
Global Agribusiness, AgTech & Innovation Leader at Ernst & Young
John Meyer
Managing Partner at Starship Capital, Forbes Mentor, Thiel Fellow
Julia Cheek
Founder of EverlyWell
Paul Sarvadi
Chairman, CEO at Insperity

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Amos Schwartzfarb
Managing Director, TechStars Austin
Kevin Willer
Partner at Chicago Ventures
Sara Brand
Founding General Partner at True Wealth Ventures
Thomas Ball
Founder and Managing Director at Next Coast Ventures
Darcy Howe
Founder, Managing Director at KcRise Venture Fund
David Loia
CRO at ScaleFactor
Henry Yoshida
Founder at RocketDollar
Amy Volas
Founder & CEO of Avenue Talent Partners
Matt Bross
CEO of IPX Advisors, CloudScale Capital Partners
JD Weinstein
Head of Startup Ecosystem at Oracle

FUND 2018 Speakers

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