FUND Saas Postponed

FUND SaaS, originally scheduled for April 22nd & 23rd in Austin, Texas, will be postponed. We are working internally, and with our network of partners to find a new date in the summer, or fall, of this year. Once we have grasped the situation fully in Austin, and in our country, we’ll announce a new date on our site and in our newsletters.

All FUND SaaS tickets already purchased will of course be honored at the new date.

Why are we not cancelling?

Right now, we’re a nimble enough team be on “stand-by” to make sure that we’re giving our country the time it needs to get healthy. We also know that if we do what’s best for one another during this outbreak, our events can be a great way for people to reconnect after our country, and globe, is back to full strength.

On an abstract note, this is a new experience for everyone. If you get a marketing email that mentions coronavirus, let’s not assume the worst of them. If you get an email that doesn’t mention coronavirus, let’s not assume they’re being insensitive of the situation. And if you hear a kid in the background, who cares; people have kids!

Let’s all balance this together as we care for ourselves, our families, and figure out how we can all still get work done.

Up Next for FUND

We’ll continue to plan FUND xChange which is scheduled for June 24th & 25th in Chicago, Illinois.

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