FUND xChange

FUND xChange is assembling the entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and experts, in the banking and finance industry to explore the innovations in value exchange.

Meet the community improving how we bank, pay, and invest.

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What's happening at FUND xChange?

Discover what’s in store for the future of value exchange, a space that’s been completely revamped due to a number of technological innovations. We’ll explore four curated content streams at FUND xChange and your xChange ticket will give you access to every talk, roundtable, and workshop happening.

Nextgen banking

Banks are looking and acting differently than ever before. How are banks innovating? What is the open banking economy?
As more offline lending models are brought online, we’ll explore the pivotal role our banks can and will play in the future of finance.

Regulation and digital trust

Technology has hardly left anything untouched, and while it has enabled us to innovate faster, cheaper, and bigger, our time, and money, is still demanded by trust management to grow.

Payment ubiquity

The future of payments has never been more exciting. We are offered a number of payment types by both big and small providers.

And what role does loyalty play here?

Lending, credit, and funding carousel

The vision of what a bank likes like has changed drastically since the technology transformation. How do banks innovate? What is the open banking economy?


Expected Industry Attendance

The detailed tracks and conference schedule is being prepared and will be released soon. Members from the below industry verticals are expected to be in attendance in a number of roles including exhibitors, speakers, and roundtables.



Financial Services



Lending & Loan Management


Schedule Coming Soon

Our Programming team is taking the above FUND Future Cities themes and creating a detailed schedule of content for the conference in July. We’ll be posting it here soon.

FUND xChange Tickets

Tickets will go up on February 21st, 2020

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