FUND SaaS and Architecture Conference

The evolution of SaaS offerings has completely altered how we tackle, well,  basically everything at work.

Meet the entrepreneurs and industry leaders who are improving how we communicate, sell, market, and everything else at work.

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What's happening at FUND SaaS?

Participate in the discussions that will shape the future of business software as we explore four curated content streams at FUND SaaS.  Your FUND Conference ticket gives you access to every panel, keynote, workshop, and activity at FUND SaaS.

SaaS redefined

SaaS has already proved itself as a global force, in fact, the industry is expected to be worth over $60 billion by 2023, an increase of 9% in the next four years. With this brings a number of shifts including new revenue strategies and new product strategies (micro-saas, vertical saas, etc). How are larger organizations taking advantage of these opportunities, and what role are startups playing in this industry growth?

Software stacks

This audience makes the software, but also need to be aware of the technologies they’re utilizing to accomplish their own work. How are businesses and their respective leaders thinking about how their own technology stack interacts together as they align sales, marketing, and data management?

Tools, tools, tools

Gartner predicts that user spending on business intelligence tools will grow by 23% percent between 2017 and 2022, and annual spending on marketing automation tools is expected to reach $25 billion by 2023. Businesses are willing, and able, to spend additional resources on tools improving their efficiency. We’ll take a look at how these tools are improving, and the important role they play in organizations big and small.

SaaS leveling up

Customers have had more freedom and choice than now and expectations are higher than ever. 84% of customers say that the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. Simply, the bar is higher. Will the top-rated SaaS products be the ones with the best product, or the best combination of product and customer service? How important can additional services and know-how like advisory, adoption, and success services be as SaaS looks for new ways to go above and beyond?

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Expected Industry Attendance

The detailed tracks and conference schedule is being prepared and will be released soon. Members from the below industry verticals are expected to be in attendance in a number of roles including exhibitors, speakers, and roundtables.

B2B SaaS

Cloud Infrastructure

Developer Tools

Network Infrastructure

Data Services

Full Schedule Coming Soon

Our Programming team is taking the above SaaS themes and creating a detailed schedule of content for the conference in April. We’ll be posting it here soon!

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