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The way we manage, pay, and experience our health and wellness and our families has shifted dramatically.

Join in on the discussion with the entrepreneurs and industry leaders who are maximizing how we experience our daily lives.

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What's happening at FUND Health?

Health has shifted to proactive rather than reactive; how can we leverage this improve and lengthen our lives? How are health professionals using the technology they have at hand and what’s on the horizon?
That’s the focus at FUND Health. Your FUND Health Conference ticket gives you access to all sessions, workshops, and halls at FUND Health on December 2nd & 3rd, 2020.

Connected construction

As 5G evolves, it allows all industries to transport data in a faster and more reliable way. This progression has impacted the construction industry by enhancing the connectivity among artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous solutions. We’ll explore the benefits and challenges that these applications bring to the industry.

Real estate something

Virtual reality technology hasn’t affected any industries more than real estate and construction. How has it enhanced innovation, and what’s the next frontier? How are leaders utilizing these technologies to reshape how we plan, budget, build, and lease?

Energy creation, storage, and disposal

50 years after the invention of the internet, communities have changed beyond its founders’ imaginations. In an era that questions the nature of the internet and open web, lacks regulation, and practices social activism online, what will the next 50 years look like?

Ground, land, and sea

As our cities become more connected, transportation technologies are creating more opportunities….

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