FUND 2050

The year is 2050 and we've successfully increased our food production output by 70% from 2020.

How did we get here? How did we produce more? How did we get more efficient?

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What's happening at FUND 2050?

Discover what lies in store for our global food and ag industry as we explore how we’re going to tackle the biggest challenges.  Your FUND Conference ticket gives you access to every panel, keynote, workshop, and activity at 2050.

The full value chain

As 5G evolves, it allows all industries to transport data in a faster and more reliable way. This progression has impacted the construction industry by enhancing the connectivity among artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous solutions. We’ll explore the benefits and challenges that these applications bring to the industry.

Real estate something

Virtual reality technology hasn’t affected any industries more than real estate and construction. How has it enhanced innovation, and what’s the next frontier? How are leaders utilizing these technologies to reshape how we plan, budget, build, and lease?

Energy creation, storage, and disposal

50 years after the invention of the internet, communities have changed beyond its founders’ imaginations. In an era that questions the nature of the internet and open web, lacks regulation, and practices social activism online, what will the next 50 years look like?

Funding ceiling

Sometimes seen as an alternative – rather than mainstream – investment, agriculture is tipped as a profitable place for investors to put their money

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Expected Industry Attendance

The detailed tracks and conference schedule is being prepared and will be released soon. Members from the below industry verticals are expected to be in attendance in a number of roles including exhibitors, speakers, and roundtables.

Plant Science


Ag Financing

Ag BioTechnology

Farming Systems

Farm Management Software, Sensors & Iot

Agribusiness Marketplaces

Alternative Food

Restaurant Tech

Farm Robotics

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2019 FUND exhibitor: AcreTrader

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