FUND Conference Partners With Kansas City Startup Foundation

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FUND Conference works with accelerators, incubators, universities, and non-profits to address underlying challenges in the startup and funding ecosystem. We are thrilled to partner with the Kansas City Startup Foundation and continue building a vibrant startup ecosystem in Kansas City.


The Kansas City Startup Foundation is quite a unique and valuable entrepreneurial ecosystem that boasts a valuable and diverse platform of programs that make a collective impact on the community from a content, publication, and event angle.


KCSF Programs

Startland News

  • Startland News is a nonprofit, digital publication telling stories of Kansas City’s most innovative people and ideas from all corners of the community. We follow a ton of newsletters and publications from across the country here at FUND, and Startland News is one of the best.

Startup Crawl KC

  • Startup Crawl KC is an annual one-night event showcasing KC’s startup community during First Fridays in Crossroads.


  • #Back2KC brings together a curated group of high-level, high-growth tech, consulting and capital markets professionals who are KC natives or went to school in the greater Kansas City region.

MECA Challenge

  • MECA Challenge is a one-day innovation competition designed to build an entrepreneurial mindset in area high school students. 

KCSF History

In late 2012, a neighborhood in Kansas City was actually the first to have the Google Fiber technology implemented. Momentum began to take shape around the KC tech community and in 2014 the most active co-leaders decided that to continue growing, they would need to activate stakeholders across the entire city.

The vision got a bit bigger and the KCSF was created in 2015 to support the entire Kansas City startup ecosystem in new and unique ways. It now provides values to all of the ecosystem’s stakeholders including schools, governments, corporations, investors, other nonprofits, and of course the entrepreneurs themselves.

Get Involved

If you’re in the greater Missouri area, we suggest clicking the link below to check out their calendar of events.

Or, you can link up with Jessica Powell, Director of Operations and Experiences, to learn how you can get involved!

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