FUND put us on the map.

“Our biggest takeaway from the Chicago FUND Conference … was the market validation from an entirely new startup ecosystem that our business is solving a real problem. 

Thanks to all the founders, investors, and community members for welcoming us into your city and showing love. We’ll be back soon!”

About FUND Exhibit

At each FUND Conference, Seed, Series A, and Series B-stage companies are given an opportunity to present their businesses in a conversational format geared for developing relationships.

To get your business in the spotlight at FUND, you’ll need to apply to exhibit so that we can understand if first, you’re ready to present, and two, if your time and efforts will be effective at FUND. 

FUND Conference has some of the most promising startups in the country presenting at the events, and we want to make sure we’re putting people, and companies, in the right position to succeed with our platform.

Why do entrepreneurs exhibit at FUND?

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41% of attendees are investors, 36% C-Level executives, and 24% entrepreneurs.

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funding opportunities

Companies that have exhibited at FUND have gone on to raise in excess of $260M.

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Gaining notoriety to a new audience is especially valuable for early-stage founders and companies for a number of reasons.

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Growing your team is paramount to success. You may meet your next teammate at FUND.

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investor presenece

Over the last 5 years, FUND has hosted more than $64.4B in AUM investors in attendance

FUND has a unique mix of programs for startups to network


Discover the best practices on the pillars of business from industry thought leaders to continue growing your business.

Launch Hall

Exhibit your business to community leaders and investors while developing relationships for your future.


Participate in activities designed for you to challenge yourself and those around you.

You've applied, what's next?

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phone call

After you fill out the Exhibitor application, you’ll talk to a member of the FUND Venture team about your business, goals, and plans for the future.

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Our Venture team spends a considerable amount of time identifying the most promising entrepreneurs and companies to join us in each respective city.

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prepare to exhibit

You’ve been invited to exhibit at FUND – now it’s time to make the most of it! You’ll receive an Exhibitor’s Guide with helpful tips to prepare, but it’s up to you to put your best foot forward at FUND.

What are past exhibitors saying?

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