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Mandy Tahvonen

CPG. Restaurant Tech. Food. Sustainable Goods. Farm to Market. Food Logistics.

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Meet Mandy

Mandy Tahvonen is the Managing Director of Relish Works, the innovation hub of Gordon Food Service’s (GFS), based in Chicago, IL. 

For the past 19 years, Mandy has worked in strategy, innovation and consulting  – primarily at Gensler and at Doblin. She has a passion for innovation, building new businesses, being the captain of her own ship, and the ability to make things real.

In her current role as Managing Director, she oversees the company’s innovation portfolio – determining the focus, approach and type of projects Relish pursues – and building a team of innovators to help bring new products, services or tools to life to benefit GFS and the communities they serve. 

“There is more of a commitment to health and wellness, and further, all of the hands that touch the food.”

– Mandy Tahvonen
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