JD Weinstein

Episode #6 – JD Weinstein (Oracle for Startups North America)

Meet JD Weinstein

Oracle for Startups, North America

JD Weinstein heads up Oracle for Startups North America. He helps startups scale through Oracle’s rich enterprise ecosystem, cloud solutions, & global customer network. 

He previously served as Principal of WPP Ventures, the world’s largest marketing communications company. He focused on venture investments in tech-enabled companies in MarTech, big data & market intelligence, RetailTech, AdTech, and content. 

Prior to WPP, JD worked with Capital Factory as a Venture Associate, where he was responsible for deal sourcing & due diligence for the Capital Factory Accelerator & venture fund. He also worked with the UT Horizon Fund, the strategic market-driven venture fund for the University of Texas System.

“When folks say I’ve worked for this company for 2-3 years, but it’s startup years, so it’s more like 17 years in real life.”

– JD on his time with Oracle for Startups

JD’s vast experience in entrepreneurship and investing gives him keen insight as to help early-stage companies grow with Oracle’s ecosystem backing. 

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Things covered in this podcast episode:

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