Exhibitor Spotlight on FunnelAI

Highlights on many of this year’s FUND Conference exhibiting companies will be featured throughout the upcoming weeks to showcase their backgrounds, inspirations, and investment history. 

Today, we share with you FunnelAI, connecting businesses with their prospective customers in real time and also a Top10 exhibitor at FUND Conference- Austin.

Please share with us what FunnelAI does.

FunnelAI is SaaS-based and emerging B2B technology company. We connect businesses with their prospective customers in real-time.We use the power of social data (not just social media platforms). We leverage artificial intelligence to find customers with high intent to buy a product or a service.We want to be the best intuitive platform for social leads and prospects.

What inspired you to start this company?

The founder of FunnelAI, Sridhar Kamma, always had a goal to start a technology company that helps businesses and empowers people. Has had various entrepreneurial ventures during last 10 years. Quite recently he started his first startup called Apposphere, which is an operating system for businesses. FunnelAI is a pivoted venture from Apposphere Inc. All the founders have a deep passion for entrepreneurship. We all worked at Fortune 500 firms and implemented multiple automated solutions that helped save millions of dollars for the companies. With a passion for entrepreneurism, enthusiasm for creating a novel product and with confidence in our abilities and skills we teamed up to form FunnelAI.

What’s your background and why are you the person or team for the job?

Sridhar Kamma, the Founder, has more than 18 years experience in Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and product development. After working with many Fortune 500 companies, started the journey of entrepreneurship with Apposphere and then FunnelAI. Suja Kamma is the co-founder and COO with 18 years experience in strategy and leadership developing large departments and programs. Suman is a serial entrepreneur and CTO with over 10 years experience in product development.

Are there resources you have utilized that other founders might find compelling or useful?

RealCo Accelerator in San Antonio as well as Geekdom Tech Community also located in San Antonio have been fantastic resources to FunnelAI. 

Where are you at in your FUNDraising journey?

We are currently raising $500k seed with $410 already funded. Happy to share our deck with you; if you'd like to review, please reach out to Sridhar Kamma via email: sridhar@funnelai.co 

What steps have you taken to secure funding for your company and what, if anything, would you do differently if you had to start over?

Being part of the accelerator, having product market fit at the very early stage and having revenues helped us immensely. Being cash flow positive in the other attribute to our success in raising funding.If we were to do things differently, we would not have quit our jobs until we compiled a product with a market fit. We would have joined the accelerator. Teamed up with right founders from the start.

We encourage you to connect with Sridhar Kamma, Founder at FunnelAI, and follow their expansion journey post FUND 

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