Meet the Top 10 Exhibiting Entrepreneurs from FUND Chicago!

With the recent addition of new proprietary technology and an industry first mobile app, FUND is changing the way that entrepreneurs, investors, and the people they do business with connect. Our bottom line: The FUND ecosystem saves you time and dramatically improves the quality of business interactions.
And at this year's Chicago FUND Conference our new digital technology helped to collect over 3,000 votes from attendees on which companies they liked the best. 

Highlights on the Top Ten Exhibiting Entrepreneurs are featured here to showcase their business and presence at Chicago's 4th Annual FUND Conference.

We encourage you to get to know these professionals and reach out if they can be of service to you in scaling your business or your portfolio!

Meet Tempesta Media

Content marketing, written by experts! Tempesta Media is a content and influencer marketing platform delivered as managed service for digital agencies and enterprises. They are pioneers in preformance content and ROI-driven influencer marketing programs. Tempesta Media is designed to deliver great content, written by experts, with a fast turnaround time- it's just that simple! The combination of their writer vetting process, Voice Profiles and all-inclusive service, will give you the tools to grow your business.

Their revolutionary influencer solutions drive accountable results for customers. By using their proprietary brand value technology, it can accurately and predictably measure each influencer’s ability to drive engagement and action before a single dollar is spent by our customers.  The result is a micro-influencer program that drives prospects deeper into the sales funnel. 

We encourage you to learn more about Tempesta Media and connect with their team! 

Meet AirChicago

An affordable luxury alternative to commercial air travel! AirChicago is the most valuable and efficient private jet travel experience in the United States. An AirChicago Jet Card provides access to an amazing selection of private jet travel solutions at affordable prices.

AirChicago strives to make your life more productive, comfortable, and enjoyable. Traveling with their airline eliminates inefficiencies in the commercial air travel experience. Some of those features include: saving 3 hours (on average) every one-way flight, no lines or parking trouble, no lost luggage, and complimentary in-flight services including meals and beverages!

We encourage you to learn more about AirChicago and connect with their team!

Meet PediaSource 

Is your child seeing the right specialist? Pediasource can help with the process! PediaSource brings parents, caregivers and teachers direct access to experts in the field of child behavior and development. They offer corporations benefit programs to connect their parent employees directly to child and teen behavior, development and learning specialists over the phone for action plans, next steps, support and referrals. PediaSource is for parents of newborn through high school children. Specialists are highly vetted and are experienced leaders in their fields.

In today's world of easy access to virtually everything, the landscape of child development is still very frustrating and difficult to navigate. Enabling direct access to child experts allows for early detection and informed decisions!

We encourage you to learn more about  PediaSource and connect with their team!

Meet NetThunder Corp

A one click private cloud! NetThunder is a feature rich private cloud solution that is easy to set up and includes services that keep your company running. The NetThunder difference is the ability to scale into a compute heavy environment while keeping storage cheap enough for everyday use. 

Their core platform does not depend on any proprietary software vendors, allowing them to adopt the latest and greatest technology and have full knowledge on how everything works underneath. Some of NetThunder's great features include: cybersecurity, with their private cloud all your data resides in the privacy of your own serves, easy scalability, and various applications to choose from! 

We encourage you to learn more about NetThunder and connect with their team! 

Meet Digs, Co.

Let Digs help you become a homeowner! Digs is a savings product that helps renters transition into homeownership. It offers a contribution matching program that rewards people who are proactively saving for their first home. As people save in the app, Digs educates them on the home buying process and when the time comes to buy, Digs offers personalized mortgage recommendations.

Their team is uniquely situated to build this company because they have experience in the real estate industry along with a strong tech background. They are also able to bring a unique outlook to an industry that has been slow to innovate, while still understanding the restrictions that apply to a highly regulated industry.

We encourage you to learn more about Digs and connect with their team! 

Meet Happenstance

Stay updated with Happenstance! Happenstance's goal is to educate listeners and make them feel more connected to their surroundings. They use location-based technology to tag their stories to places in the city. When listeners are a few blocks away from a fun, unique story, they send out a push notification. Users can then swipe to listen.

"We're not a tour. We're not a news app. 
We're the new form of timeless audio journalism."

The stories primarily focus on Chicago’s food, arts, landmarks and sports. One of their favorites highlights the Gold Coast’s International Museum of Surgical Science. If you’re unfamiliar, the museum is exactly what the name suggests: a venue that showcases amputation kits, ancient surgical tools and more. But the fun, little-known twist that we provide is people also hold weddings here!

We encourage you to learn more about Happenstance and connect with their team! 

Meet 7 Qubes

7Qubes is redefining the future of FinTech! 7QUBES is a SaaS Fintech platform that combines Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology and artificial intelligence in an end to end enterprise customers solution. They provide data security, while artificial intelligence is the decisioning engine that optimizes operating processes normally carried out by humans.

7QUBES streamlines your front, middle, and backend services so you can increase efficiency while reducing risk. They enable their clients to shift their focus away from labor-intensive, tedious manual processes so they can concentrate on their products and build the best customer experience while protecting their data.

The inefficiency of services being provided by enterprises, and data breaches that have been prominent in the last decade are the reason 7QUBES exists. We as consumers, have been frustrated by so many of these firms keep getting compromised and providing consumers with archaic services; we expected more and consumers deserved more. That is how 7QUBES concept was born; by combining blockchain distributed ledger in protecting private data and artificial intelligence to constantly learning how to defends itself by training it's system to be of a lookout for any abnormality. They have built a system of trusted processes using clean sophisticated algorithms to create an immutable and secure platform.

We encourage you to learn more about 7Qubes and connect with their team!

Meet Stokkup

Plan for a brighter future, with Stokkup! It's your all-in-one shop management solution. With their algorithm it can accurately determine the amount of time required for each job, and build the most efficient schedule based on press or day capacity. Your order table is customizable and tailored to display the information you need. 

Customers can also track the status of each order with real-time production tracking, have a flexible order table column builder, and re-order with a simple click! Order creation meets friendly user experience; Stokkup has crafted a simple order builder that can handle complex needs. Some of the features include: ordering merchandise through their vendors, sync payments via QuickBook online, and ship directly from Stokkup with UPS and FedEx.

We encourage you to learn more about Stokkup and connect with their team!

Meet Balodona 

The dressmaker reinvented! Balodana is the first fashion marketplace for women where every item is custom made, on-demand, exactly to your body measurements.

Their business model is a classic marketplace with a twist: Balodana design partners create and deliver the completed garments directly, while Balodana provides a centralized measurement/style profile and concierge styling services to facilitate communications and relationships between customers and merchants.

It's "StitchFix meets Etsy"!

"Our market validation survey showed that 75% of our target audience has trouble finding clothing that fits, and about 25% of them already have experience buying clothing made to measure from either a local tailor or online company. I traveled around recruiting a fantastic starting lineup of designer partners to build their stores on the Balodana marketplace. It’s been very gratifying to meet and talk with talented bespoke manufacturers around the world and in the U.S. who want to help us bring back the dressmaker, and make women feel confident and stylish at any age (and with any body type)." - Dana Todd

We encourage you to learn more about Balodana and connect with their team!

Meet CliqueShare

Save and share your photos with Cliqueshare! Cliqueshare is the most trusted image focused platform, designed to increase efficiencies of team collaboration and enrich client relationships through visual communication. It is designed for organizations who use visual imagery on a day-to-day basis, allowing for an increase in team efficiencies and client engagement. As well as, allows businesses to create private environments and users to create customized teams to maintain privacy by team or project.

Don't worry about the protection of your photos, CliqueShare has got you covered. Their future product development will allow businesses to protect images by preventing downloads in an entire environment or lock individual images. Image tagging and filter, sort & search capabilities will also be added. In addition, unlike many applications that store images after lowering image quality, all of your image assets are saved in their original quality resolution and securely backed up in the Amazon Web Service cloud! 

We encourage you to learn more about CliqueShare and connect with their team!

Our sincerest thanks to Ross Thomson of Signature Bank Chicago for recognizing our top exhibiting companies again this year at FUND. Ross presented the awards to these exhibitors at the conference and is pictured in many of the above images. Chicago-based Signature Bank is a boutique, full-service commercial bank focused exclusively on serving the needs of privately owned businesses and their owners. Signature Bank offers Chicago-area businesses a comprehensive suite of commercial lending, commercial banking, treasury management and personal banking services, with a specialty in commercial and industrial lending for mid-market companies and emerging digital startups. Signature Bank is committed to building personal relationships with its clients, to provide banking solutions that help businesses, individuals and communities to prosper and are all about their clients. We highly recommend learning more about this bank and the talented professionals behind it. 

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