Zach Pettet

The New Face of FinTech

This series, 60 Second Skinny, is a brief interview with select partners, speakers, and influencers in each FUND market! In this interview, you’ll get the inside scoop from Zach Pettet, on NBKC and Fountain City Fintech’s accelerator program, 2020 initiatives, and FinTech companies on the rise.

Meet Zach

Zach Pettet

Zach wears many hats in Kansas City, he is the Vice President of FinTech Strategy at NBKC Bank and Managing Director at Fountain City FinTech.

Running an accelerator takes a small army; Zach and his ‘Finterns’ run the day to day programming of both organizations. This includes bringing in mentors, providing introductions to investors, and execute a successful partnership between the bank and cohort companies.

When Zach isn’t listening to a podcast or absorbing new information outside of work, then he is probably feeling significant anxiety! However, he deals with his anxiety in healthy way, you can find him either rock climbing or at the gym.

The Skinny

NBKC is on the road to success, solving real problems, creating healthy initiatives, and redefining the way entrepreneurs bank. There are two differentiating factors that make NBKC/Fountain City Fintech shine among other accelerators: 1)Their company is vertically integrated as they are the only bank backing the accelerator and 2) Their cohort members receives FULL access inside the bank for 75 days- there’s no other U.S. FinTech accelerator that exists like NBKC.

2020 Initiatives

The biggest thing in store for NBKC and Fountain City FinTech is their new Founder Wellness Initiative; providing founders a resources to help with their mental, physical and emotional state during entrepreneurship.

NBKC is solving a real problem that all founders and entrepreneurs encounter within the entrepreneurial life cycle.

We realized that our cohort Founders were getting so deep in the business (lack of sleep, endless stress, picking up old habits, gaining weight, etc.) and not focusing on themselves. NBKC is implementing this program to help founders find that healthy balance of work and healthy life style. With this program we have implemented an onsite personal trainer, psychotherapist, engaged members to wear a Whoop Fitness tracker and partnered with Rise Science to assist with sleep tracking.

Zach Pettet and Megan Darnell

Zach’s Top Picks

Zach shares his top 3 companies that have made a major disruption in the FinTech space and are on the rise for 2020.

Chipper: Helps you find the best repayment plan to tackle student loans.

Griffin: Provides banks real-time insights when consumers cross geofences.

C2FO: A platform that takes complete control of your capital—to improve cash flow on demand or earn no-risk returns.

C2FO is the number one validation that 1) KC can build successful companies, 2) you don’t have to leave KC to thrive and 3) KC is successful in the FinTech ecosystem.

Zach Pettet

Partnering with FUND

FUND is thrilled to have NBKC Bank as the official banking partner for the 2019 Kansas City conference. Here’s why NBKC and FUND make a great partnership:

We (NBKC) have a big focus on financial technology; by doing partnerships and accelerator programs, we have established a strong presence within the ecosystem. We realized the reason we were able to figure out this niche is because we can talk to entrepreneurs how they want to be talked to. We can relate to entrepreneurs in a way that the coast cannot, mostly because ourselves our entrepreneurs and have the same startup culture internally. Ultimately, the FinTech banking focus is lacking in the midwest. NBKC has the DNA to be THE bank for Kansas City and beyond.

Zach Pettet

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