#3 – Cayse Llorens, Brockhurst Capital Partners (Search Funds)

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Cayse Llorens

Managing Partner, Brockhurst Capital Partners (Chicago, IL)

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Things covered in this podcast episode:

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Meet Cayse

Cayse Llorens is Managing Partner at Brockhurst Capital Partners, a lower middle-market focused private equity fund. 

Prior to founding Brockhurst, Cayse was a venture capital investor at Invest Detroit Ventures, OCA Ventures, and Hyde Park Venture Partners

Before he began investing in great entrepreneurs and companies, he participated in 3 investor-backed exits, serving as a software engineer and team lead: the $240 Million IPO of R1 RCM, the $1.8 Billion acquisition of Coyote Logistics by UPS, and the $400 Million acquisition of BSwift by Aetna. 

Cayse is also the founder and former CEO of CelebTango, a live celebrity video chat company. 

On the academic side, Cayse graduated Summa Cum Laude in Computer Engineering at the University of IL in Urbana Champaign, and received his MBA with honors at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

“You have to be low ego and be willing to acknowledge where your strengths are.”

– Cayse

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