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June 24th & 25th

FUND 2019 Video Highlights

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New FUND EDU Live Sessions

New FUND EDU sessions on how to pay yourself as a business owner, how founders can flourish and how you can protect your brand during COVID-19.

Bringing FUND EDU Online

Let’s continue to learn and improve during this time of opportunity. Tune into our FUND EDU Online sessions!

FUND Saas Postponed

Due to health concerns, we’ll be postponing the FUND SaaS Conference in Austin, Texas.

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New FUND EDU Live Sessions

New FUND EDU sessions on how to pay yourself as a business owner, how founders can flourish and how you can protect your brand during COVID-19.


Learn from subject matter experts, ask questions, and get the info you need to keep moving forward.

What are people saying about FUND?

"The inaugural FUND Conference in Austin did a fantastic job in pulling together some very strong players in the investment community for some very necessary discussions on this all important topic. I am already excited to see how the event grows and evolves..."
"I'm just coming back from FUND Rockies and it was such a cool event and a great time! Can't wait for the next ones coming up."
"FUND Conference was an amazing experience. We had gone to a couple conferences around the same time, but none had as many investors walking around as FUND did. The timing couldn't have been better either since we were in the middle of a raise. Highly recommend to any young startups looking to make new connections."

2019 Video Highlights

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What are people saying about FUND?

"Connecting and networking with investors is hard - especially as a startup! FUND was a great opportunity to connect with people where you normally wouldn't get a chance to. Anytime you bring potential investors and start-ups in a room together, some amazing things can happen."

What is FUND?

FUND is the community to discuss, develop, and build relationships around innovation in North America. Now in its fifth year, FUND has grown to five cities to become a true hub for the countries most entrepreneurial change-makers to meet and develop relationships.

FUND National Partners

With FUND being hosted in five cities across the United States in 2019, these partners have worked with us to leverage our expanding national presence.

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Develop relationships with the people inspiring and creating innovating in both your industry and community.

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We partner with accelerators, incubators, entrepreneurial organizations, and university programs for exhibitors, content, and attendance.

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If you’re an entrepreneur raising funds, create relationships by exhibiting your business, not sending cold emails.

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Our programming is built and created through quantitative and qualitative feedback to promote engagement and activity.

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