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October 9th - 10th, 2019

Kansas City, Missouri

KC startups accounted for 80,000 net new jobs from 2013 – 2017, or, 58% of all new jobs in KC.

November 6th - 7th, 2019

Miami, Florida

Ranked No. 1 in the 2017 Index of Startup Activity by the Kauffman Foundation.

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Your relationships have to start somewhere; start them with FUND


Develop relationships with the people inspiring and creating innovation in both your industry and community.


If you’re an entrepreneur raising funds, create relationships by exhibiting your business,  not sending cold emails.


Our programming is built and created through quantitative and qualitative feedback to promote engagement and activity.


We partner with accelerators, incubators, entrepreneurial organizations, and university programs for exhibitors, content, and attendance.

FUND Kansas City | October 9th & 10th

Hear from these leaders at the FUND EDU and FUND Summit programs.

FUND Conferences’ purpose in providing content is to inspire, educate, and engage our attendees as they continue to navigate through their careers, whether that be through entrepreneurship or not. Attendees pack the room at our FUND EDU and FUND Summit sessions because they know they’ll be receiving high-quality education from industry experts.

We’ve already slotted in venture investing leaders like Kevin Willer and Brad Feld to be included in FUND Kansas City. Stay tuned for more announcements.

  • Partner
  • Chicago Ventures
  • Managing Director
  • The Foundry Group

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Launch Hall


Which program are you ready to Attend?

As we’ve continued to get larger, we saw an opportunity to create specific programming targeting towards different interests and priorities of each member of our attending audiences. Starting in Chicago in July, we are launching four brand-new programs that together make up the new FUND Conference.

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FUND National Partners

With FUND being hosted in five cities across the United States in 2019, these partners have worked with us to leverage our expanding national presence.